Just a couple in love, doing what they love.


Rose and Thom grew up on separate sides of the mitten state. Circumstances moved Thom out west, and he met his lady for life. Both have always enjoyed different facets of art, drawing and painting mostly. Rose also decorated wedding cakes for a short period. However, metal stole her heart when she became employed at her local bead shop. Here she learned vast amount of information about gemstones, metalsmithing, glass bead making, and any type of bead stitching you could think of. After a couple years, she was the manager and writing and instructing all classes. Her Etsy shop had been a side thought in her every day life. Just something to bring in some extra money and some fun. But in 2012 she had to make a decision to see where this whole Etsy thing could go. To make a long story short, it WENT. In 2014 Thom quit his job and they bought another jeweler's bench.