What inspired me to cut off more than a foot of hair? Two words . . . RUBY ROSE.

Whoa! Who else saw this hot little number stepping into Orange is the New Black? Well, I decided to "go for it" in January. I went from a long haired all American girl to a rockin' edgy cut. I LOVED it. It was so different than anything I'd ever done, and my hubby was a huge fan.

However, I found out a little secret about myself . . . I HATE upkeep! So, after a few months I decided I should make my way back to something where I didn't need a hair appointment every 2-3 weeks. My hair dresser is a God send. She works at Aphair Salon downtown Grand Haven, Michigan. Even though we're from a small midwest area, she takes risks and is very fashion forward in her skills. Check out more of her work here.

Because I was constantly searching Pinterest for avoiding the awkward grow out phases, I thought I'd share my stages with you. Save you some googling. 

These pictures are from the first week I got my hair cut. I LOVED IT. I felt like taking up the drums was A SOLID option and that leather coat, was in every outfit! It was a whole new look from the curly, doe eyed, look I had before with those long tresses for years.

As a person who doesn't LOVE upkeep, I'd go a few weeks where it would go into this phase where it wouldn't keep it's height anymore without a ton of product. So I'd use clips, headbands, anything to give it a cute style. And then back to the chair to get that first, original, edgy look. 

Then you get to the point, where you kind of miss your long hair. Do I look like a boy? Do people think I'm a lesbian (not that it matters much, this girl is taken)? Yes, all of these questions, I felt were a solid yes for a minute. Stupid insecurities, but they turned their ugly head anyway. It was then that I decided to grow it out. The other answer to the question you're asking is, YES, it got boring.  Krystal decided to add in some flare with color. THIS. This got me through the awkward phases. . . and I was a big fan of glazes that could wash out and be changed month by month. Try it if you're in this "stuck" phase. I promise, it helps.

And finally, the stage I got to after 8-9 months of "growing". . . the BOB. Which I'm a big fan of. A lot of face shapes can pull it off making it a safe haven for that moment when you no longer have "boy hair". You can tie the front back, get bangs, add some face framing. I'm a big fan. Now, where to go from here? 

I hope I've helped anyone going through the "Growing out a Pixie" phase. It's not easy. I know your pain. I also know, I've had some hella awesome hair cuts in the meantime! Just tell yourself you're PULLING  . . . IT . . . OFF! Because you know what, you probably are. 


xoxo - Rose

ps- thank you everyone in my feed dealing with the amount of selfies to create this documented story. I'd say they'll stop, but then I have no documented photos for my next one, "From Bob to Long". haha