As a child, I grew up on the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. Summer after summer soaking in her waves. Every year the faint smell of crisp fall hits the air letting us know it's time to pack up our beach toys, child and adult.

My parents would always take us out to see my grandparents right before the school year. They live across the United States in the beautiful valley between the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Bishop, California. Here I absorbed a love for the desert. It was different from our mild summers in Michigan. Dry, bare, but the night sky put on a show like you wouldn't believe. Grandma would set scraps out for the coyotes on the other sides of the fence, right after she'd clean up a round the table family dinner. Grandpa would point out all the constellations, in clear view, like the sky was so much closer here. Mornings would brighten up our rooms and grandma and grandpa would pack for a family hike in the mountains. Packing PBJ's and granola bars. I found an arrowhead once. My brother found a rattle snake. I got the lucky end of that one. 

Family Hikes though the Mountains

We'd visit small Indian stands full of sterling silver jewelry accented with predominate loads of turquoise. My mom, always finding something she had to have. Us kids, would sift through pans of dirt to find jewels in those mining places. The site of find an amethyst chunk out of that mire always made me giddy. I collected stones every time we visited, year after year. 

Grandmas Art Shows

These memories are what we've based our 2016 Fall Collection around. These great memories of my childhood out in the desert with my California family. It's near and dear to my heart, and I hope you enjoy it too. 


Rose Kren

Grandpa and Grandmas 60th Wedding Anniversary