My husband and I are artists, as you all know. What you might not know is that we're also musicians on the side. For 8 years we lead praise and worship at a local Grand Haven church called The Edge. It was some of the hardest, but most fulfilling years, we've experienced so far together. We made some amazing connections there, with some really dear people that will always bless our lives.

We now play in our quiet back yard with our pups as our audience. And honestly, I kind of love it that way. One of our largest inspirations has been the band, Over the Rhine. I've listened to them since circa Good Dog Bad Dog. Thom would listen to me singing along at the top of my teenage lungs from the driveway of my home. But that's another story, for another day. 


Our quiet backyard, audience of three furry fans

We had the opportunity to meet Linford and Karin this weekend at Bells Eccentric Cafe in a very intimate show setting. I believe there were under 100 life long fans. The set list, well, it was everything we ever wanted. As they signed my new record of Blood Oranges in the Snow, excitement, and maybe the dry riesling I had been enjoying during the show, overwhelmed me as I babbled a bit of our story to them. My face is rouge just thinking of it now. Oh white wine, you get the best of me sometimes. Even with the babblings of this artist, they were intrigued in our work. I asked if they were planning to have an artists market at their Nowhere Else Festival in 2017 and explained that we'd already purchased VIP 3 Day tickets, again, very excitedly (*blush*). They said they were interested in that idea and asked that I email them about it so we could talk further. So today I did, friends. And I'm equally excited. . . where's the white wine? 

Karin and Linford xoxo